Sustainability is profitable!

Sustainability is considered one of the main challenges for todays manufacturing industry, and to face this challenge demands both new technology and bold investements. But is it reasonable to assume that business managers will make these investments if they are not profitable? And does it pay off at all, to invest in sustainability?

Two recent studies within SISVI gives a clear yes to that question. The studies are based on a representative selection of norwegian manufacturing industry businesses, and show that adopting a sustainability strategy, where the companies takes on a bigger environmental and social responsibility than imposed by regulations, is a profitable strategy which results in higher sales growth and higher returns in the long term.

Professor Arild Aspelund and Dr. Nicolai S. Løvdal presents their findings in this article, published in Dagens Næringsliv lørdag 07. Mai 2016.

You can also read more about the findings on this blog.

The underlying studies can be accessed by request, by contacting author Arild Aspelund. Mail:


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