SISVI-students honored with educational award


From the left, leader of FLT Jonny Simmenes, award winner Sunniva Bratt Slette, Minister of education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, and award winner Synne Mari Pedersen. Photo: Kjetil Landrog, FLT.

Sunniva Bratt Slette and Synne Mari Pedersen was recently awarded FLT’s (Forbundet for Ledelse og Teknikk) educational award. They received the award for their master thesis “Financing the Transition to a Green Economy – An empirical investigation of how Norwegian firms can achieve business models for sustainability”. The thesis was supervised by SISVI’s Annik Magerholm Fet and Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen.

During the thesis, 46 interviews with representatives from 33 different public and private companies and organizations was conducted. One central interview in the thesis was with Professor Bob Eccles, which the students had met at a international SISVI-seminar in Oslo. “It is extremely valuable for us students to get access to these networking arenas. To be able to interview an international expert like Bob Eccles was very helpful for us” says award winner Sunniva Bratt Slette.

An article about the award ceremony in Universitetsavisa can be accessed here.

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