Plasto AS featured in Finansavisen

Finansavisen forside

Tuesday 25th of April, Plasto was featured on the front page of Finansavisen. The heading on the front page says: “Tradtitional family business: Lets robots take over“.

Further in the article, we can read this quote:

We have identified new possibilities with a proactive approach. Sustainable utilization of plastic materials is a prerequisite for further development within several industries. Microplastic waste in the ocean is not a problem caused by our deliveries, but like any other company, we have a responsibility to utilize the raw material in a sustainable manner. Three years ago we made a strategic decision to develop technology and competence in circular material streams. This development is partly financed by the Norwegian Research Council, and is a cooperation with our customers, NTNU and Sintef, says Lars Stenerud.” (Finansavisen, 25.04.27)

Link to the full article (behind a paywall), here.

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