How is it to be involved in SISVI as a Master’s student?

Line and Synnøve

Line and Synnøve

We had a little chat with former Master’s students at Institute for Industrial Economy and Technology Management at NTNU, Line Figenschou and Synnøve Dalen, about their participation in the SISVI project.

Q: You have been involved in the SISVI project, during your work with both project thesis and master thesis. How was this experience?

A: Being involved in the SISVI project has been very educational. We have participated in several exciting seminars and meetings, that has been very valuable to the work with our project and master thesis. It has been especially nice to be a part of larger group of students, professors and representatives from the industry. Through meeting with the other participants of SISVI we have been able to gain professional inspiration and discuss challenging topics. In addition, it has been very inspiring to work closely to the industrial partners, and gain understanding about the practical challenges related to sustainable innovation. All in all, we are very happy about our participation in the project, and we feel grateful for being included in so many interesting discussions.

Q: What is the most important you have learnt trough your involvement in SISVI?

A: We have learnt that it is very valuable to be a part of a bigger collective. This has contributed to that our work has created value for the project. Until we started, we thought our work would quickly be forgotten after finishing, but good follow-up and feedback has strengthened our faith that our work has contributed to real value creation in SISVI. In addition, it has been very interesting to get a closer look at how the research community is working with sustainability. The close collaboration with industrial partners in SISVI has also given us insight in how research can be put to good use in a practical context. These are experiences we expect to benefit from in our future professional careers.


Line and Synnøve presenting at a seminar in Åndalsnes.



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