SISVI (Sustainable Innovation and Shared Value Creation in Norwegian Industry) is a four-year competence project. The project will be in close collaboration with industry actors and the kick-off meeting was 28th of May, 2014.

Grounded firmly in the concept of sustainability, SISVI aims to provide Norwegian industrial firms with four crucial building blocks they can use when developing their own unique competitive strategy. These are internationalization, innovation, interactions in networks, integration and implementation. Environmental and green aspects as drivers for innovation are emphasized. The purpose is to develop knowledge that strengthens the industry’s long-term competitive capabilities in a way consistent with the concept of shared value. This means that value is created in a manner that meets both financial and societal needs where the latter typically encompasses environmental and social aspects.

An important part of the project is implementation and integration of knew knowledge. This will secure alignment between the needs of the industry actors and theoretical concepts. In this context concrete tools and standards for improved performance are emphasized as deliverables in the project. Guidelines and key performance indicators for shared value creation will be developed along with criteria for business simulations and roadmaps for corporate governance models.

Project manager is Professor Annik Magerholm Fet and work-package leaders are Professor Arild Aspelund, Professor Alf Steinar Sætre and Professor Luitzen de Boer. Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing AS is the research partner.

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