Master theses 2015

WP1:     Lise Fjell & Silje Rødland – CSR in international business.

Marie Rustad & Line Skar – Involvement of employees in Corporate Social Responsibility: An explorative case study

Esther Borgen & Myrth Andersen – Anti-corruption practices in Norwegian MNCs

WP2:     Øyvind Enger, Emil Tømmervik & Lasse Martinsen – How                                           Ambidextrous Is Your Company’s Culture?

Vebjørn Skeide, Thorvald Thorsnes & Magnus Buseth – Is all balance created equal? An Anaylsis of How Balance in the Innovation Process Affects Innovation Success in Norwegian Industrial Firms

WP3:     Hilde Martinsen & Maria Tvedt – Life Cycle Analysis of small and                               medium-sized enterprises (Closed)

Joost Kievitsbosch – Building the Sustainable Supply Chain: Trust, Transparency, and Contracts as Building Blocks

Bishnu Chaudhary – Sustainable Supply Chain Management & Its Integration Among the Norwegian Industries

WP4:     Kristina Braut Kyllingstad – Managing anti-corruption – PDCA as an                           implementation model for business (Closed)