Plasto AS featured in Finansavisen

Finansavisen forside

Tuesday 25th of April, Plasto was featured on the front page of Finansavisen. The heading on the front page says: “Tradtitional family business: Lets robots take over“.

Further in the article, we can read this quote:

We have identified new possibilities with a proactive approach. Sustainable utilization of plastic materials is a prerequisite for further development within several industries. Microplastic waste in the ocean is not a problem caused by our deliveries, but like any other company, we have a responsibility to utilize the raw material in a sustainable manner. Three years ago we made a strategic decision to develop technology and competence in circular material streams. This development is partly financed by the Norwegian Research Council, and is a cooperation with our customers, NTNU and Sintef, says Lars Stenerud.” (Finansavisen, 25.04.27)

Link to the full article (behind a paywall), here.

Seminar in Utrecht, on how to create value from marine plastic waste

On friday 24th of March, SISVI, in collaboration with the University in Utrecht and the Circular Ocean project, hosted a seminar on how to create value from marine plastic waste. The seminar was held on campus at the University in Utrecht. Representatives from academia and industry came together to discuss challenges and possibilities concerning this topic.

See the program here, and the seminar report here.

SISVI-students honored with educational award


From the left, leader of FLT Jonny Simmenes, award winner Sunniva Bratt Slette, Minister of education Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, and award winner Synne Mari Pedersen. Photo: Kjetil Landrog, FLT.

Sunniva Bratt Slette and Synne Mari Pedersen was recently awarded FLT’s (Forbundet for Ledelse og Teknikk) educational award. They received the award for their master thesis “Financing the Transition to a Green Economy – An empirical investigation of how Norwegian firms can achieve business models for sustainability”. The thesis was supervised by SISVI’s Annik Magerholm Fet and Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen.

During the thesis, 46 interviews with representatives from 33 different public and private companies and organizations was conducted. One central interview in the thesis was with Professor Bob Eccles, which the students had met at a international SISVI-seminar in Oslo. “It is extremely valuable for us students to get access to these networking arenas. To be able to interview an international expert like Bob Eccles was very helpful for us” says award winner Sunniva Bratt Slette.

An article about the award ceremony in Universitetsavisa can be accessed here.

Scientific seminar in Trondheim

On Friday 21st of October, SISVI hosted a scientific workshop on sustainability interaction in supplier networks. We were so lucky to have a visitor from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, Professor Pilar E. Arroyo López, who is expert in this field. Experiences and knowledge was exchanged, and there were some interesting discussions.

The workshop report is available here.

Visiting Stanford and Professor James G. March


On October 19, PhD Scholar Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen visited Stanford Professor James G. March. Their conversation was centered on the organizational challenges that emerge when firms include social and ecological concerns in their decision making. The visit to Stanford is part of the ongoing development of a theoretical paper with the working title “A Behavioral Perspective on Corporate Sustainability”.

In the paper, Vildåsen and Prof. Luitzen de Boer are investigating how the “Behavioral Theory of the Firm” can be applied to understand phenomena of sustainability in a business context. James March co-authored the theory, and the meeting at Stanford was highly inspirational for further knowledge development.

International Manufacturing Symposium in Cambridge

On september 29 and 30, a delegation of SISVI-associates attended the 20th International Manufacturing Symposium. The Symposium is arranged by the Centre for International Manufacturing, IfM, at the University of Cambridge. On friday 30th, there was a special session on sustainability, hosted by Professor Arild Aspelund, where SISVI researchers Malena Ingemansson Havenvid and Marit Bjørnbet Moe held presentations, in addition to Professor Aspelund.