Circular Ocean Conference in Ålesund


On September 1. and 2., SISVI in collaboration a with Circular Ocean and NTNU Sustainability, arranged the conference “Developing a circular economy of fishing nets and ropes (FNRs) in Norway“.

The first day was held at Scandic Hotel Ålesund, and the topic was “Status and opportunities to facilitate circular economy of FNRs in Norway”.

The second day was held at NTNU Ålesund, and put focus on “Innovation and implementation of FNR recycling and reuse”. Here, Runar Stenerud from SISVI participating company Plasto held a presentation.

CO seminar2.2

Sunnmørsposten published (03.09.16) an article about the conference, which you can access here.

Workshop in Ålesund


The 18th of May, Ålesund KunnskapsPark hosted a SISVI workshop in their facilities at Norsk Maritimt Kompetansesenter in Ålesund. The purpose of the workshop was to welcome our two new network companies, ÅKP and Wonderland AS, and give them an overview of the status in the project as we are halfway through the project period. SISVI-companies Plasto AS and Molde KunnskapsPark were also represented at the workshop, and we dicussed further activities under the topic “Sustainability aspects in innovation processes”.

The workshop report is available here.



Balancing the tensions between short term exploitation and long-term sustainability

Professor Alf Steinar Sætre has in collaboration with master students Julie Dahl Benum and Ingeborg Gjærum investigated the tensions between short term profit and long-term sustainability.

In their report, they provide a historical overview and focus specifically on issues where the interests of society and the interests of corporations seems to be—and a times are—at odds with one another. They discuss the roots of this imbalance, and suggests Shared Value Creation as a solution for this, focusing on how corporations can generate profits while solving pressing social and environmental issues facing societies around the world today.

Read the report here: SISVI Report 2016-03.


Midway seminar for SISVI – PhD candidate Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen

Sigurd midway fixAs SISVI is halfway trough its project period, so is PhD candidate Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen who has his PhD anchored in SISVI. His midway seminar was held May the 11th, where he presented his preliminary results, and had a discussion about his further research. On the picture, from the left; supervisors Luitzen de Boer and Annik Magerholm Fet, discussant Jonas Ingvaldsen, and PhD candidate Sigurd Sagen Vildåsen.

Sustainability is profitable!

Sustainability is considered one of the main challenges for todays manufacturing industry, and to face this challenge demands both new technology and bold investements. But is it reasonable to assume that business managers will make these investments if they are not profitable? And does it pay off at all, to invest in sustainability?

Two recent studies within SISVI gives a clear yes to that question. The studies are based on a representative selection of norwegian manufacturing industry businesses, and show that adopting a sustainability strategy, where the companies takes on a bigger environmental and social responsibility than imposed by regulations, is a profitable strategy which results in higher sales growth and higher returns in the long term.

Professor Arild Aspelund and Dr. Nicolai S. Løvdal presents their findings in this article, published in Dagens Næringsliv lørdag 07. Mai 2016.

You can also read more about the findings on this blog.

The underlying studies can be accessed by request, by contacting author Arild Aspelund. Mail:


New network companies

We are proud to present our new network companies, Ålesund Kunnskapspark AS and Wonderland AS.

Ålesund Kunnskapspark AS is a regional center with national importance, contributing to innovation, business development and community reinforcement. Read more about ÅKP on their webpage.

Wonderland AS has been an innovative producer of beds in Åndalsnes since the early seventies. They are very committed to making the best choice of material composition, regarding quality and environmental performance. Read more about Wonderland on their webpage.