SISVI reports includes seminar reports, project reports, papers and other activities. Please note that some are not fully open to the public. Any questions can be directed to Shannon Truloff.

SISVI Report 2018-08

De Boer, L., Xinlu Qiu, Havenvid, M.I.: Report on current chain and network strategies used; drivers and challenges to shared value creation modelledTrondheim, August, 2018.

SISVI Report 2018-08

De Boer, L., Xinlu Qiu, Holmen E., Sustainability and interaction; building dynamic capabilities with network partners. Trondheim, August, 2018.

SISVI Report 2018-01
SISVI, GVC, SMART project and SFI Manufacturing International Seminar: Circular value creation and/in new business models. Trondheim, 6. March, 2018

SISVI Report 2017-06
SISVI and Network for Green Growth Breakfast Seminar: Green competitiveness. Ålesund, 28. September, 2017

SISVI Report 2017-05
Sætre, A.S.: Guidelines and metrics of innovation and shared value creation (KPIs). Trondheim, May, 2017

SISVI Report 2017-04
SISVI International seminar: Shared Value Creation in a supply perspective. Trondheim, 2. May, 2017

SISVI Report 2017-03
SISVI International seminar: Creating value from marine plastic waste. Utrecht, 24. March, 2017

SISVI Report 2017-02
SISVI International seminar with Amy Edmondson. Trondheim, 14. February, 2017

SISVI Report 2017-01
SISVI Workshop in collaboration with Forum for Young Scholars in Sustainability (FYSS). Trondheim, 22-25. January, 2017

SISVI Report 2016-09
SISVI Workshop: Sustainability interaction in supplier networks. Trondheim, 21. October, 2016

SISVI Report 2016-08
SISVI Workshop: Internal coordination and update.
Cambridge, September, 2016.

SISVI Report 2016-07
Slettmo, S.N. & Halfdanarson, J.: Sustainability frameworks, tools and initiatives relevant for SISVI.
Trondheim, August, 2016.

SISVI Report 2016-05
SISVI Workshop: Bærekraftaspekter i innovasjonsprosesser. Ålesund, 18. Mai 2016

SISVI Report 2016-04
SISVI International Seminar: Breakfast Dialogue and Workshop. Trondheim, 06. April 2016

SISVI Report 2016-03
Sætre, A.S., Benum, J.D. and Gjærum, I. (2016) Innovation and shared value creation: Balancing the tensions between short term exploitation and long-term sustainability. Trondheim, April 2016

SISVI Report 2016-02
Havenvid, M.I., Holmen, E., De Boer, L., Jenssen, M.M. and Vildåsen, S.S. (2016) Identification of drivers and challenges in relation to shared value creation in supply chains and networks. Trondheim, March 2016

SISVI Report 2016-01
SISVI International Seminar: Innovating for a sustainable strategy. Oslo, 22. February 2016

SISVI Report 2015-09
SISVI Workshop: Engaging in Responsible Research and Innovation: The hows and whys. Trondheim, 14.-15. December 2015

SISVI Report 2015-08
Fjell, L., Rødland, S.E. and Aspelund, A. (2015) On the Sustainability – Internationalization Relationship. Trondheim, October 2015.

SISVI Report 2015-07
SISVI Research seminar: Implementering av forretningsstrategi for bærekraft. Åndalsnes, 28.-29. September 2015.

SISVI Report 2015-06
Vildåsen, S.S. (2015) NAVIGATING IN THE AMBIGUOUS SUSTAINABILITY LANDSCAPE: A conceptual discussion of corporate sustainability in the context of organizational decision making. Trondheim, 21. May.

SISVI Report 2015-05
SISVI Research Seminar: Betydningen av bedriftsrelasjoner og interaksjon i nettverk for økt bærekraft (Norwegian summary).
Trondheim, 21. May.

SISVI Report 2015-04
SISVI Research Seminar: Innovasjon og delt verdiskaping.
Trondheim, 19. March.

SISVI Report 2015-03
Aspelund, A. (2014) Literature review and modeling the relationship between internationalization and shared value creation/social responsibility.

SISVI Report 2015-02
Havenvid, M.I. (2014) A Literature Review: Drivers and Hinders of Sustainability and Interaction in Supply Networks.
Trondheim, December 2014.

SISVI Report 2015-01
Jakubczyk, K. (2014) SISVI Report 2015-01: Social responsibility in infrastructural projects: Interviews with project management of the Nanotechnology Centre on creating value for key stakeholders. Trondheim, November 2014.

SISVI Report 2014-05
SISVI brochure.

SISVI Report 2014-04
SISVI Industry seminar: Sustainability and competitiveness, case collaboration and research needs?
Raufoss, 28. November.

SISVI Report 2014-03
SISVI LCA workshop.
Trondheim, 20. November.

SISVI Report 2014-02
SISVI workshop seminar: Sustainable Life Cycle Management and Decision Support.
Trondheim 26. September.

SISVI Report 2014-01
SISVI Industry and Research seminar: Shared Value Creation and the International Firm.
Trondhem 17. September.

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