Student projects 2014

WP1:     Lise Fjell & Silje Rødland – CSR in international business.

Marie Rustad & Line Skar – Motivation and competitiveness in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility: An exploratory study.

Esther Borgen & Myrth Andersen – How can Norwegian companies act as a driver for anti-corruption efforts?

WP2:     Øyvind Enger & Emil Tømmervik – Cultures for innovation and                                   ambidextrous organizations: A literature review.

Silje Grønning & Lasse Martinsen – The soft stuff is the hard stuff: Psychological safety as a driver of innovation.

Vebjørn Skeide, Thorvald Thorsnes & Magnus Buseth – Innovation processes and the performance feedback from innovation success: A literature review based on the building blocks of innovation.

WP3:     Hilde Martinsen & Maria Tvedt – Using change management to                                 implement life cycle tools: A literature review of LCA and LCC.

Bishnu Chaudhary & Joost Kievitsbosch – Trust – in the Norwegian firms Supply Chains and Networks.

WP4:     Kristina Braut Kyllingstad – Complementing and contradicting anti-                             corruption: a corporate perspective.