Student projects 2015

WP1:     Ramanjit Kaur & Jenitha T – CSR and leadership – Leadership styles                       best suited for CSR.

WP2:     Erlend Gjesdal, Simon E. Isaksen & Thomas Engstrøm – Strategy                             and innovation.

WP3:     Lene Erdal & Marianne Koch – Competetive Advantage and                                       Sustainability in the Norwegian Aquaculture Industry.

Synnøve Fagerhaug Dalen & Line Figenschou – Sustainable business models.

Maria Haga – Haakonsvern in Bergen – a Zero Energy Building.

Anders Bratt Sletfjerding – Can additive manufacturing create possibilities in the future value chain?

WP4:     Benedikte Wrålsen – Classification of three SMEs based on their                               Environmental Management Performance.

Caroline Hauge – Comparative LCA of construction elements of steel and concrete.

Nina Heir & Ina Vikøren – Why sustainability is now the key driver for innovation.