Work Package 2


WP2 – Innovation
Lead by Professor Alf Steinar Sætre, NTNU IØT

Individuals are at the heart of organizations and are primarily responsible for the innovations that come from them. Thus, it is crucial to understand individuals’ motives and how incentives may help or hinder them in the innovation process, particularly in the face of the tensions present with short term profit pressures and long-term sustainability issues. Learning from failure contributes to resolving key tensions in two ways: First, through identifying failure or gaps in operating methods and management approaches; second, failing smart and failing fast in innovation activities facilitates learning. The research seeks to understand how companies through inclusive business model development can create shared value (and spur innovation) in developing economies. The research will further address how collaboration through private-public partnerships and the institutionalization of learning and adaptation processes between actors in the value chain can stimulate shared value creation.

WP 2 will meet the overall objective by:

WP2.1: Identify barriers to, and drivers of innovation and shared value creation

WP2.2: Understand motivations for innovations resolving tensions between short term exploitation and long-term sustainability & shared value creation

WP2.3: Guidelines and metrics (KPIs) of innovation and shared value creation.

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