Work Package 3


WP3 – Interactions
Lead by Professor Luitzen de Boer , NTNU IØT

Given the variety of drivers and barriers, the question is how firms respond to them. Some drivers will be stronger than others and they may be partly conflicting, i.e. emphasizing different aspects of sustainability. How do firms prioritize among or reconcile them? To what extent are external drivers ignored and passed on further upstream or downstream? Next, the question is how firms actively work (interact) with various supply chain actors with a view to shared value creation. No supplier, customer, nor government actor alone can enforce a specific solution but better alignment of individual efforts may be obtained through various forms of interaction, resulting in a desired cascading effect throughout the supply chain. Examples of such interaction may include supplier base and network development, more informed supplier selection processes, supplier base reduction programs, collaborative purchasing arrangements, participating in standardization processes and involving or creating third party organizations for increased supply chain visibility and risk assessment.

WP3 will meet the overall objectives by:

WP 3.1: Identification of typical drivers of and barriers to sustainable value creation in supply chains and networks

WP 3.2: Understanding how Norwegian firms respond to these drivers and deal with the barriers in their strategies towards suppliers and customers

WP 3.3: Describing and outlining how firms, given the drivers and barriers, more effectively can influence the complex interaction in supply chains, with a view to creating sustainable and shared value

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