Work Package 4


WP4 – Implementation
Lead by Professor Annik Magerholm Fet, NTNU IØT

An important challenge is to integrate the knowledge from WP1-3 as a basis for research on corporate governance and strategies and decision-supporting tools for practical implementation. This implies understanding how companies sense, seize and shape innovation opportunities that involve sustainability and responsibility in their networks, and further to enable companies to integrate sustainability strategies into their innovation processes.

The research will build upon the international corporate governance models found in literature  with a coupling to 1) the business case model where CSR is seen as the new DNA of business characterizing its business age responsibility with the key words regulators and customers, products, business models, and systemic, and to 2) the business case model based on WBCSD[1] which can be described by two external drivers: policy frameworks / governmental policy, and fair and competitive markets/consumption patterns. Comparing, expanding and merging these two approaches will add knowledge and contribute to a more comprehensive and applicable (corporate) governance model.

Through development of existing impact assessment methods, life cycle assessment tools, product documentations and management systems, the research in this WP will contribute to development of tools for decision-support on sustainability aspects, and one of the outcomes from the WP will be a set of criteria enabling users to consider environmental and social implications of their decisions.

WP4 will meet the overall objectives by:

WP4.1: Understand how key characteristics of sustainability, internationalization, innovation and interactions in business networks are integrated in business management systems and corporate governance models.

WP4.2: Develop a set of criteria for shared value creation and sustainable corporate governance for Norwegian firms operating in global markets.

WP4.3: Develop roadmaps and standards for strategic and systemic innovation and implementation as a foundation for business decisions at different systems levels.

[1] World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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