Work Package 1


WP1 – Internationalization
Lead by Professor Arild Aspelund, NTNU IØT

Operating in global and demanding value chains require that Norwegian companies differentiate their products, processes and services from a pure cost-based perspective. For instance do we have industries focusing on lightweight solutions to markets such as offshore, automotive, and aviation – where their competitive advantages also are relatively sustainable in terms of reduced CO2-footprints in construction (renewable energy and reused material) and the use phases of the product (reduced energy use during transportation). How do we value, create awareness of, and improve upon such potential capabilities? Many firms are facing dichotomies when transferring core technology abroad due to level of competence, culture, organizational position in internationally owned companies, apprehension of being copied, and the feeling of losing a competitive edge in terms of sustainability. Ownership to future competitive advantages is likely to improve the position to strengthen them, but how should Norwegian firms cope with these challenges?

WP 1 will meet the overall objective by:

WP1.1: Identify typical challenges related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) that Norwegian firms experience in a process of internationalization,

WP1.2: Understand how these challenges are addressed through global best practice both in Norway and internationally,

WP1.3: Describe how solutions can contribute both to better business practices and increased competitiveness for Norwegian firms in international markets.

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